A celebrity is easily recognized in a society or culture. Generally speaking, a celebrity is someone who gets media attention and shows an extroverted personality. There is a wide range of ways by which people may become celebrities: from their profession, appearances in the mass media, or even by complete accident or infamy. Now most of the celebrities have their own website to interact with their fans. Every day millions of people visiting their favorite celebrity’s web-page to know more about them as you can find latest celebrity gossip and celebrity news articles there. Here is a list of some amazing celebrities official websites for your inspiration. I hope you do like them.

Vanessa Paradis

Sean Paul


Ricky Martin


Pamela Anderson

Michael Jackson

Kelly Clarkson

Cindy Crawford

Shelby Lynne

Robert Downey Jr.

Miley Cyrus

Tom Cruise

Amanda Holden

Matthew McConaughey

Jet Li

Katy Perry

Bruce Lee

Hilary Duff

Chris Brown

Emily Osment

Pierce Brosnan

Michelle Branch

Ashley Tisdale

Demi Lovato

Alyson Stoner

The Pretty Reckless

Marissa Miller

Vanessa Hudgens