I got really amazed what can be done with Flash and how limitless possibilities are. These websites demonstrate the true power of Flash and some really unique and creative ways that it can be used.  With flash you can make your websites more dynamic, attractive and interactive. Here is an amazing showcase of celebrity flash website designs for your inspiration. Hopefully these Flash websites inspire you to use Flash for your own projects, because it really is a powerful technology.

Sugar Shane Mosley

Carmelo Anthony

Beyonce Knowles

Alicia Keys

50 cent

Matthew McConaughey

Naomi Campbell

Emma Watson

Jackie Chan

Meg Ryan

Anne Murray


Jazzy B

Jenson Button

David Beckham

Ronaldinho Gaucho

James Stewart

Kristen Stewart


Nelly Furtado

Sheryl Crow

Jim Carrey

Taylor Swift


Amanda Holden

Selena Gomez

Marissa Miller

Alessandra Ambrosio