Static website generators are almost independent of databases thus helping us to create a very light-weighted website effortlessly. It helps to develop and maintain the site easily. As we know, websites are becoming more demanding and agile, we need to utilize the static website generators as they also provides excellent security features thus protecting the site from various attacks. Let’s get familiar with such tools:



Jekyll is a minimal, user responsive static website generator written in Ruby with an engine, in its core,named GitHub pages. It is afull-fledgedsite generator. Contents can be imported easily, from other blogs, using Tumblr,WordPress etc. You can also choose different styles and templates for your website using ‘Markdown.’It’s also very simple to create blog posts using layout controls without any hassle.



DocPad is a completely file-based website generatorthatstrengthen your website with amazing layoutsand styles. It is compatible with different plugins with its robust plugin system. It is composed with built-in administrative dashboard making publishing quite minimal and easy.It is a modular-based generator which can be extended further easily.



It is a flexible, clean and multi-platform static website generator quite minimal to use. It is admirable for the flexibility it provides to modify or transform the contents using different plugins. Once it is installed, it will create a basic edifice for the site and create a
content folder to hold all the contents and chattels.



Hugo is the latest and most flexible static website engine providing high-performance and speed. It is independent of databases, runtimes and external libraries.It is flexible and very easy-to-use especially for newbies for creating static websites. It supports many formats and is suitable for blogs, portfolios and other personal websites.



Pelican is a multi-language site generator powered by Python that requires no database or server-side logic. You can create contents in any format and can publish them in multiple languages.Using Ninja template tool, we can customize themes with its pre-built library.We can further extend the capability of website using modular plugin system. With“Discus” commenting tool, we can easily import contents from Tumblr, WordPress etc.

Metal Smith


It is a remarkably very minimal and neat static site generator having the capability to integrate with all plugins and chaining them together.It performs by interpreting all the files alphabetically from the source directory and arranging those properly using integrated plugins. Metalsmith can compress image files and convert Markdown to HTML, SASS to CSS. It’s so flexible and competent that it can be used as an e-book generator also.

So we just get yourself updated with some of the best static website generators providing great features to make and modify the websites and allowing to use various plugins to enhance the website structure with different layouts and styles. Do experience these tools yourself to understand the essence better.