Creating and designing beautiful animations has always been a tricky job for graphic designers. These animations require a lot of hard work and different types of software and technologies. Designing animations is a time consuming task that can’t be done without good computers and heavy software.

However, with the advancement in modern technologies and usage of internet, a lot of online animation tools have been designed to help you out with the animation designing stuff. Most of these tools are very simple to use and will help you to create stunning animations for you project within no time. This post is gathering some of the best online animation designing tools that will help you to design amazing animations for your project and for different purposes.

1. Make Web Video


As you can guess by its name, this online tool is specialized for creating HD video presentations and high quality animations within no time. The good thing about this tool is that it is so fast. It can design stunning and complex animations within minutes. Either you can start from the base or there are a lot of templates that you can choose and make them beautiful by adding the effects. Since this is an online application, so you should not have to download any kind of software in order to create animations. This application is not totally free but the amazing features and quality design makes it a nice deal.

2. EWC Presenter:


This tool is not just for the animation purposes but it is an all-in-one presentation application. You can easily create beautiful animations with its minimalist interface and huge collection of animation effects.

You can select different types of templates made for the different users and industries and can add amazing animation effects by simply using the drag-and-drop facility. If you are facing some kind of difficulty with anything on this web-tool, then you can take help from the detailed tutorials that will help you to create animations without any problem.

3. Vcasmo:


Create beautiful and stunning High-definition animations using this tool. You can create amazing presentations and animations by combining HD images, videos and sound clips. The best thing about this tool is that it creates HD animations that are perfect for business and corporate presentations. This is an HTML5 based tool, so that you can easily access it anywhere. It comes with a free and paid version.

4. GoAnimate:


Suitable for every age, GoAnimate is used to create highly attractive animations and has a very simple interface. This online video presentation and animation tool is very fun to use. It has a very simple and beautiful interface that will help you to design high-quality animations and videos within minutes.

5. Prezi:


This online tool comes with a free and paid version. The free version is very nice and capable. Prezi allows you to design amazing presentations and animations. It has a wide range of amazing effects. You can add images, videos, simple text or even videos to your animations. It has another interesting feature that lets you to share your finished project to any social media platform.

This tool works smoothly on every device whether it is a desktop or a cellphone.

6. Creaza:


This app specifically aims children and students. Creaza is mostly used to create storytelling animations and presentations. It contains 30 different and effective themes and numerous editing effects that are used to enhance the feel and look of the animations.

There are a lot more but above are some of the best ones.