Smartphone cameras are making a breakthrough evolvement with each passing model. Firstly smartphones are carried 24×7 , so in any given situation you can take your smartphone and a click a photo instantly. Today’s smartphones offer image quality that rivals point and shoots, but that doesn’t mean your pics couldn’t use some enhancement before you share them on social or print. Having a top-notch photo editing app in your arsenal can help you brighten your shots, crop away unnecessary details, fine tune color and apply fun special effects.

From basic one-touch image editing to high-powered tools that enable much finer control, these are the best photo editing apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Android cameras are in competition with digicams not only in terms of portability, but android cameras also boast of high image sensors and optical image stabilization. If you are the one who love to take photos from your Android cameras then have a look at this post.

I have listed some of the best photo editing tools for PC’s and Smartphones, used on android and Apple for enhancing the beauty of your photographs, that too the apps are free.



Picasa is an advanced google tool used for editing and organizing digital images.Selected features include variety of color effects, cropping and blur options, textaddition, red eye reduction, photo collages and last but not the least, it provides space for sharing images on social media too.

Adobe Photoshop

adobe photo

A highly recommended software to modify high quality photos. Built-in features include 3D animations,retouching tools,amazing photo effects library and a lot more. The performance can be increased by integrating plugins to it. It also allows video editing as well.



A very minimal and fast working software mainly referred for editing photos or making collages. It provides the features like croppingtool, colorcontrast, brighteningtool, effects and many more.



A drawing app tool containing variety of features right from editing photos to online sharing. Key features are-effects (borders,frames,clipboards,stickers), colorenhancement, brightnesstool, cropping and blur options and for making wonderful collages too.

Corel Paintshop Pro

corel paint

It is a cool photo editor which has smarter brushing and color contrasting tools to make the photos look incredible. CorelPaintshop Pro is a complete featured software which transforms the dull looking pictures into the dashing and beautiful one.



Pixlr is a very clean and easy-to-use tool that gives us the power to resize images, to put color effects, sharpen the images, adding borders and text. We can also modify the image by using photo effects like vintage,soft,subtle etc.

Wondershare Collage


As the name given “Wondershare Collage” a tool/software best for making brilliant collages as it includes numerous collage options and is also used for drawing purpose. It gives photos an extra-ordinary look by providing well-developed features like blurringeffect, tweakingoptions. It provides hundreds of clipart,templates,stickers,text fonts to give images a unique look.



It is another photo editor tool basically for smartphones equipped with built-in features like auto saving, light adjustment, color enhancement, social media sharing option.

Funny Photo Maker

funny photo

If you wish to apply effects to your photos then go for Funny Photo Maker. Because the effects can take someone’s click to a magazine cover or movie poster.Although having no better enhancement tools,editing options,layout compatibilityand no drawing selections still it has the capability to convert an image into an animated one. Also suitable for making interesting collages and frames.

MAGIX Foto Designer


It is very optimum and fully designed software for the newbies for editing images and making them lively. It provides tools that uplift the quality of photo using cropping, color adjustments,red eye reduction, clipart,focus option, borders and many more.

You have stepped a lot ahead by just reading this infographics. Next give a try to all the tools to find one suiting you. Clicking will be a lot more fun for you now. All the tools are available with a quick start guide to start you editing your photos. The more you explore the more interesting photo-effects, you will find. Keep clicking.