Often, we have seen that many files are deleted, lost or damaged accidentally and we think it’s a loss for the lifetime. Deleted or lost files can still exist in device’s internal hard drives or other portable devices you were operating at the time of crash. So don’t be afraid as we bring you the most fantastic data recovery software that can bring your package back in your hands without any hindrance or complexity. So be cool and let’s study some of the best such programs with their fabulous features:



It is an open source, minimal and amazing data recovery software. It is very easy-to-use and has superior features too. It has the capability to recover files from internal as well as external devices mainly includes- hard drives, memory cards, USB’s, Discs etc.

Glary Undelete

glary undelete

Glary Undelete is also a simple and free file recovery software providing better user interface. A fabulous tool as utilization is quite clean and easy. I works best with all versions of windows including- XP, Window 7, Vista. It also can recover files from portable devices like hard drives, memory cards and many more.

Pandora Recovery

pandora recovery

It is another terrific software that provides advanced wizards to serve for file recovery purpose. It is quite excellent tool as it is simple to use. It has built-in “Surface Scan” feature that can recover much more number of files than the standard search. It can also recover files from any device whether internal or external.

Avira UnErase Personal


It provides just single click operation to recover all files and data from any device. It can recover files from hard drives, USB’s and other removable devices and is supportable by all window versions.



It also performs the same features as the other recovery software. It is away from complex procedures and provides up to the mark options you are looking for. It provides everything on a single, easy to understand window. It is too small that it can be run directly through USB or floppy disks.

Disk Drill

disk drill

An open source free recovery program well known for its unique simple design thus eliminating the factor of getting confused while using. It has capability to recover data from “virtually any storage device.”

Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery

A simple-to-use free file recovery software providing easy searching to recover the deleted files. It installs quickly and can scan various USB storage devices in a jiffy. You just have to right-click on the file you want to restore.

TOKIWA DataRecovery


An effective recovery program providing single program window to scan, recover, sort files without any complex procedure. TOKIWA Data Recovery is a complete portable tool and can recover files from internal as well as all external devices.

Congratulations! We just evaluated all the advanced and outstanding data recovery software that can recover files with straight-forward operations providing you the most easy-to-use features to serve the purpose.