Children at the age of learning phase have to face many problems. Children feel a lot of confusion, boredom and stress while learning. Reason being, monotonous ways of learning. Learning should be fun and engaging activity rather than a geek practice. Learning aid software is a big revolution in the field of education. It combines learn and play so that children learn with educational games dragging the education in an era of smart classes. To be introduced here is a list:



A best English learning software provides a fast-paced puzzle game to assemble words out of a pile of letter tiles. It comes along, an advanced dictionary for words we have assembled. It is an incredible and highly challenging game to learn English language.



GCompris is an open source, high-quality educational software suite consisting of amazing entertaining activities for children of age 2-10. It provides numerous mathematical activities based on simple calculations and counting skills.



JumpStart is an educational media authorization comprising educational games for better learning. It has the capacity to alter different mathematical learning lessons into an adventurous one. It also keeps the teacher up-to-date date with student’s performance through its built-in “Exportable Progress Report”.

Delta Drawing

delta drawing

A Learning Program for creating graphics. It consists a functional programming language for executing painting instructions. It uses numeric inputs to create images.

Clue Finder


It is an exciting real life escape game specially created for children. It helps to enhance mind sharpness by providing challenging puzzle games, clue findings, unlocking padlocks etc.

Kid Pix

kid pix

Kid Pix is a bitmap drawing program to create drawings with an ease. It is a full-fledged software providing built-in features like pencil tool, rubber stamps, line tool, circle tools, paint bucket, wacky brush and much more.

Tux Paint

tux paint

Tux Paint is a bitmap graphics editor for creating raster graphic.It includes wide collection of advanced special effects and filters while applying to drawings. It provides tools like fading, blurring and dozens of artwork and photographic imagery.

Be Smart Kids

be smart kids

Be Smart Kids is an application providing children a
guidance to learn reading. Special features included are- up to 1000 learning activities, improving motor skills, memory’s sharpness, vocabulary, mathematics problem solving and a lot more.

Bingo! You just came to know about the highly-recommended educational software for children making their learning an adventurous and the effective one. Apply them in the daily routine, make learning a fun and passion.