A project is prone to soon go messy if mishandled.Handling a project, is a tedious task and requires proper planning to perform successfully. To our fortune, to resolve the intricacies of project management there are a lot of high end tools available for us. The beauty of these tools is that these work cloud based thus bringing all our team under one roof, literally, regardless of physical distance. Let’s explore:



Orchestra is a brilliant team project management tool providing features to create and share tasks with people. It helps to assign duties and commenting on the tasks. It also has an ability to show us the real time reports for current tasks.



Asana is a hybrid task manager. Using this, we can add multi-projects with an ease. We can keep track of all the records in the side bar. We can also make a simple list of all individual projects and can order them by date or by delivery date.Further details can be added to the tasks like links, comments, tags etc. And it also provides the feature to see the updates by teammates in the tasks.

Task Manager

task manager

Task Manager Software enables us to manage all projects, tasks and jobs,we are working, on with an ease and also provides the ability to track them. Amazing features include file sharing, milestone tracking, time and expense tracking, portfolio management,collaboration etc.

Dot Project

dot project

It is an online open source multi-user Project Management tool supporting multi-language feature. Key features are resource allocation, preparing Gantt charts and reports, task and project management etc.

Task Juggler

task juggler

It is the latest and most dominant tool. It is well-equipped with superior ways to manage projects more effectively and easily. This tool is suitable for serious project managers. It helps to manage costs effectively, provides effective communication and space for resource planning and risk management.


open goo

It is flexible web solution for project management that focuses on enhancing communication, productivity, collaboration and management of teams. The key features provides managing tasks, e-mails and documents easily, accessing information from single dashboard, managing billing and project progress effectively etc.



This is an open source project management tool. Main features include tracking system, flexible access control, Gantt chart, e-mail & feeds notifications, multiple projects support, multi-language support, users self-registration support, multiple LDAP verification support and a lot more.

Congo! You just have reviewed the best project management tools used for handling your big projects and tasks. Hope you will try them to introduce efficiency in your projects and to increase productivity with these simple to use tools.