Couples these days want to record each and every moment of their precious moments. These moments are then preserved and you can relive them by looking at these photographs at a later day in your life. From engagement to courtship to marriage all the emotions have to be captured. Nobody wants a distortion in the way that they want their couple photographs to look. If it is a memory it has to be just perfect. And you want these couple photographs to come out as brilliant and flawless as they can. But couple photography is an art and no ordinary photographer with lack of expert skills can do it.

Major Points to Keep in Mind While Preparing for Romantic Couple Photography

There are few things that you should keep in mind while choosing a photographer to capture your partner and your moments in a click. Some of these points to consider are:

(i) Do Some Research:


You need to do a thorough research on the photographer you are going to hire to click your photograph. The photographer should be expert in this and also within your budget. Do enough research and find out the best one for you. Also make sure you see his previous work and clicks so that you are absolutely sure that he can deliver what you are asking for.

(ii) Decide the backdrop:


Once you have finalized the photographer, decide where you want to get your couple photographs clicked and what is going to be the background. Some people might want a floral background or a natural scenery whereas others may have different choices. Also your background should complement the pose that you are planning to have in the photograph.

(iii) Coordinate your clothes Creatively:


Once you have found the photographer and the background ready, it is now time to pamper yourself with some good clothes. Choose the clothes ion such a way that your clothes and your partner clothes should complement each other, not just in color but also in design and style. Wear the most stylish and elegant ones that you have. You may as well want to go for some couple clothes shopping.

(iv) Choose some Romantic Poses:


This is the most critical part of couple photography. You should be prepared with the pose before you actually go for the photograph. The pose should be coordinating with all the other essential elements like backdrop, lighting, clothes etc. and should then only be finalized. You can make a list of types of poses and decide the ones you want to be in. but most importantly they should capture the emotions that you are trying to predict.

(v) Add zing with props:


You may also want to spice up your photograph by adding some props. This makes your photograph look even more special. Some of the all-time favorites are heart shaped balloons and pillows, some of the soft toys etc. Also some of the props that you remind you of some special moments between you and your partner can also be brought.

Best Poses for Couple Photography

Now the critical part like deciding the pose may be very difficult to decide and agree upon. There are some all-time favorites and yet romantic and cute poses that you might want to try in your own couple photograph.


  • Natural poses and clicks are some of the best photographs. They come out really nice and capture the perfect emotion in a perfect way. You can use various poses like chatting with each other, laughing with each other, kissing etc.
  • One partner sitting and the other standing behind them and bending might look a very clichéd idea, but this is one photograph you will preserve all through your life. This may give you a simple and yet a fantastic one.
  • The click focusing on the woman resting their head on the man’s shoulder or neck or chest is one really good pose. It brings out the warmth between the couples and depicts that each is a pillar of support for others.


  • Another beautiful pose is the man and the woman leaning onto front and touching partner’s forehead with their own forehead. Such photo should be take sideways and from a little distance. It looks really good with a natural scenic background.
  • Another slight modification of the previous one and yet better one is the man kissing the woman’s forehead. This comes out to be the most romantic photo ever. But in this photograph, it tis the responsibility of the photographer to assure that he captures the right emotion on both the faces. The feeling of depth of love and warmth of love should be highlighted in the photograph.
  • Another type of pose can be action couple photography where you could be doing some normal things when the image is being captured. It can be simple actions like walking in the garden among the flowers or running together like free birds or trying to chase your partner on a beach. All this adds fun element to your couple photograph.

Romantic Couple Photography