High Dynamic Range Imaging ( HDRI or just HDR ) is a technique which was developed to produce high dynamic range images from the photographs taken at different exposures of light. In comparison with normal digital imaging techniques HDR imaging techniques can produce a wider range of luminescence between dark and light. The main intention of HDR is to differentiate the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from direct sunlight to deepest shadows. Here i have gathered a great collection of beautiful HDR images of some famous cities of the world.

Las Vegas, USA

Miami, USA

Sofia, Bulgaria

Paris, France

Munich, Germany

Budapest, Hungary

Oslo, Norway

Madrid, Spain

Zurich, Switzerland

London, United Kingdom

Manchester, United Kingdom

Sydney, Australia

Auckland, New Zealand

Cape Town, South Africa

Shanghai, China

Hong Kong, China

Jakarta, Indonesia

Manila, Philippines

Singapore, Singapore

Taipei, Taiwan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Vancouver, Canada

New York, USA

Berlin, Germany

Reykjavík, Iceland

Rome, Italy

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Stockholm, Sweden

Toronto, Canada

Detroit, USA