In current web design trends, your website’s footer is a great place to direct the attention of visitors to other areas of your site, extending your style from top to bottom. Footer contents varies quite a lot from design to design (some having article lists, contact forms, votes, bio, navigation, image feed etc.) but it’s interesting to see how designers prioritize their footer today. Looking at footers created by other designers for great websites and blogs is inspiring and it may help us get ideas on what fits well in our own footer sections. Today, lets take a look at inspiring and good looking footers that help round out great websites. I hope you do like them.


Great Design

Ali Tabatabaei

Africa Tour 2008

The Rox


Bits & Pixels

The Greg Brady Project

Drawn to Pixels

Dale Harris

Edgepoint Church



Sevenedge Interactive Media




Komodo Media

Studio Racket

Helvetica Project

Sawyer Hollenshead

David Hellmann

Future Of Web Apps


Wire Roses

Brad Candullo

I primi dieci