Let’s welcome the latest trend in the web design field especially in terms of typography , the new Hand drawn fonts. As the name implies Hand drawn fonts are created using hand sketching techniques. To create hand drawn fonts the designer must have high creativity to make fonts that can make the designs stand out from others. Attractive fonts are very important for any graphic design to present an unique effect in their artwork with a cool appearance to visitors. For your Inspiration, here is a creative showcase of hand drawn fonts for download. I hope you find this collection worth watching.


What is a Font?

A font is all the letters, numbers, punctuation and other symbols which compose a typeface. Fonts were first developed as cast lead type for printing presses, and were later digitized as typefaces for use on computers. The term font is a doublet of the word fondue, derives from Middle French fonte, meaning “(something that has been) melt(ed)”, referring to type produced by casting molten metal at a type foundry.


Hand Drawn Font Sizes?

Handwriting fonts are subject to the same rules as regular fonts when it comes to font size. Each handwriting font is unique, and will have its own x-height and its own optimum size (the size it is best used at). Some fonts will have a large x-height and can be read well at smaller sizes, while other fonts will have small x-heights and need to be used at larger sizes. Natural handwriting fonts are not uniform in size from one letter to the next, so the x-height is more relative than exact.


Hand Drawn Fonts Showcase:

Almost all of them are free to download and use in your projects, but I would recommend you to have a look at the details before using them for commercial purposes.


WC RoughTrad Bta

Crown Doodle



The Quiet Scream


Black Roses – Font

Christopher Hand



Peixe Frito

Mia’s Scribblings

Eltops font

Typeface Antitime



Denne Etude

Luna Bar

Estrya’s Handwriting



Southpaw comic

CrimsonVermillion Font


A NONA-mous Font

Laurent HW