Learning web design is not as easy as it seems. If you are a complete beginner, then it will take much more for you to learn web design. Well! there are loads of videos online to learn web design but obviously the time limit restricted them to become complete in-depth videos. On the other hand, if we look at books, then we’ll see that they contain complete information about a particular subject. So, if you are looking forward to learn web design from a book then there is not need to visit any bookstore as these books are available online for free:

Books for designers

1. The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

The book is actually a manual and contains in-depth information about modern-world typography. It also explains the history as well as the art of typography with precise technical details. You can get it free online. The topics this book covers include digital typography, typographers, and type families.

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2. Learning Web Design

This book is truly a must-have if you are a dummy and looking forward to learning web design properly. The book, written by Jennifer Nierderst Robbibs explains the basic parts of a web page and elaborates how it works. CSS layouts have also been explained properly in this exceptional eBook.

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3. How To Be Creative

Written by Hugh MacLeod, the book provides everything you need to know about being creative while staying in design business. The author has presented each tip brilliantly with a cartoon drawing to illustrate everything properly. Advices have also been illustrated to make you stay on your path of being creative.

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4. Web Designer’s Success Guide

This Web Designer’s success guide is a real player when it comes to setting up a web designing business and gaining full profit through it. The book covers topics like marketing, self-employment and showing your skills in terms of web design. It provides details about the rates you should ask for and explains each and every element of web design business.

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5. Web Design and Mobile Trends 2013

This exceptional eBook contains different interviews of popular web design people such as Aarron Walter, Karen McGrane and A List Apart’s Jeffrey Zeldman. Interviews of top web design agencies like Ultranoir, Unit9 and B-Reel have also been included to let you know how teams work. With recent trends of mobile and web design, the eBook gives information about future trends that will take over the whole web design industry. The free eBook is a great addition to your web design books collection. So, visit the link, and get benefit from all the information about latest trends provided in a single book.

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6. Getting Real

Getting real is an amazing free eBook which everyone must have in their devices. The book is all about web application development. The book covers all the basics to advanced level development and is really fun to go through. It is written by 37Signals which is a well-known web development agency. The book focuses more on real elements and less on non-sense blogging or typical tips and this is the reason why it is named “Getting Real”.

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