Can you believe these illustrations below were created using a sharp knife? Neither could I. Scratchboard is a technique where drawings are created using sharp knives and tools for etching into a thin layer of white China clay that is coated with black India ink. Scratchboard can be used to yield highly detailed, precise and even textured artwork. The end result is a strongly contrasted black and white linear drawing that often looks similar to a woodcut or engraving. This interesting art medium is known in the UK as scraperboard art. Here is a creative showcase of Scracthboard Art for your inspiration. ENJOY!


What is Scratchboard?

Scratchboard is a piece of cardboard similar to poster board that has been coated on one side with a layer of hard white chalk. The artist paints, rolls, or sprays black ink onto the surface. After the ink dries, the artist scratches through the ink with a sharp stylus or knife, creating white marks or lines by exposing the chalk underneath. (Scratchboard paper that has been pre-inked also is available.)

Scratchboard Art Examples: