Here we have gathered a great collection of dark emotional photo manipulations. I hope you will really enjoy seeing these beautiful photos.

The Eye of the Storm

Serenade of a shallow death


Fragile pictures of silence

La danse macabre

Love destroyed

Dark memories caress

Shadows of the Veil of Secrets

For my fallen angel

Porcelain heart

Misanthropic alchemy

Sanctuary for All

Dead reflexions

When a Part of Me Dies

An angel’s demise

Imperfect Girl

The Three Sisters

Angel of Darkness

Princess Of Shadows

If death is the end

Unbreakable is my soul

Lake of the dead screams

Thou shall not pass

Equinox of a dead soul

Tears on a shallow grave

Crying for eternity

The rise of a dark angel

Forgotten Memories

Time is an illusion