Travelling is a choice of many to spend their leisure time and buster stress. As per the purpose of travelling it must be full of fun and exploration rather than worrying and finding help or guidance. We enlisted some best travel apps to help you solving most common traveling hassles.


flight track

Amazing app for tracking flights.If you want to know whether your flight is delayed or not or the current status of the flight, it helps to track them along with weather radar. Suggests alternative options in case of emergency.

XE Currency


The best freebie minimal app providing accurate live currency rates. Knowing the exchange rates is must when you are travelling abroad. So it helps to quickly calculate the prices and to save the last updates.It works offline also.

Packing Pro

packing pro

A perfect app for perfect packing. Just tell it where you are heading, for how long and with whom, it will vomit out a perfect list everything you going to need. Splits the list into essential categories like clothes, gadgets, passport, currency etc.

Travel Safe Pro

travel safe

A life-saving app providing service numbers of every country when you are in panic condition.It also provides the embassy addresses. It displays service numbers for police, ambulance and fire engine helpline as a widgets on the home screen for having one-touch access at the time of emergency.



A GPS navigation app providing route details and user-submitted travel times. Just tap the destination or speak the location using speech recognition feature and it will provide you the shortest and quickest path to reach there.

Google Translate

Google Translate

A google tool helps to detect and translate different languages into your native one. It has amazing Word lens function that uses the mobile camera to translate signs and text into your native language. It can translate 36 languages and constantly updating to add on more languages.



Some business travelers love to explore cities. So the app gives you the local communities information with their full-fledged profile, telling who they are and their interest in different things.



A widely-known app providing detailed information and real reviews about the restaurants to get a better dinner option.It further provides a route map to reach the selected restaurant.



A learning app for tourists who want to brush up on different languages. It helps to learn them right from basic level to the advance one. It has surprising amount of languages inside. It offers to create own set of flashcards and can build your own piles of words to study.



Kayak helps to find best deals in flights when it comes to booking services. Earlier it only allows to search the best booking services but now we can pre-pay for flights, car rentals and hotel reservations. It also provides the collection of other services, like Priceline and Orbitz to make sure you got the best deal.

So you are not alone any more while traveling and help is always there. All you need to do is having friendly apps with you for having better, secure and adventurous travelling experience.